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BitVecNumRef Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def as_long (self)
def as_signed_long (self)
def as_string (self)
def as_binary_string (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BitVecRef
def sort (self)
def size (self)
def __add__ (self, other)
def __radd__ (self, other)
def __mul__ (self, other)
def __rmul__ (self, other)
def __sub__ (self, other)
def __rsub__ (self, other)
def __or__ (self, other)
def __ror__ (self, other)
def __and__ (self, other)
def __rand__ (self, other)
def __xor__ (self, other)
def __rxor__ (self, other)
def __pos__ (self)
def __neg__ (self)
def __invert__ (self)
def __div__ (self, other)
def __truediv__ (self, other)
def __rdiv__ (self, other)
def __rtruediv__ (self, other)
def __mod__ (self, other)
def __rmod__ (self, other)
def __le__ (self, other)
def __lt__ (self, other)
def __gt__ (self, other)
def __ge__ (self, other)
def __rshift__ (self, other)
def __lshift__ (self, other)
def __rrshift__ (self, other)
def __rlshift__ (self, other)
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def as_ast (self)
def get_id (self)
def sort_kind (self)
def __eq__ (self, other)
def __hash__ (self)
def __ne__ (self, other)
def params (self)
def decl (self)
def num_args (self)
def arg (self, idx)
def children (self)
def from_string (self, s)
def serialize (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AstRef
def __init__ (self, ast, ctx=None)
def __del__ (self)
def __deepcopy__ (self, memo={})
def __str__ (self)
def __repr__ (self)
def __nonzero__ (self)
def __bool__ (self)
def sexpr (self)
def ctx_ref (self)
def eq (self, other)
def translate (self, target)
def __copy__ (self)
def hash (self)
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def use_pp (self)

Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

Bit-vector values.

Definition at line 3900 of file z3py.py.

Member Function Documentation

◆ as_binary_string()

def as_binary_string (   self)

Definition at line 3940 of file z3py.py.

3940  def as_binary_string(self):
3941  return Z3_get_numeral_binary_string(self.ctx_ref(), self.as_ast())
Z3_string Z3_API Z3_get_numeral_binary_string(Z3_context c, Z3_ast a)
Return numeral value, as a binary string of a numeric constant term.

◆ as_long()

def as_long (   self)
Return a Z3 bit-vector numeral as a Python long (bignum) numeral.

>>> v = BitVecVal(0xbadc0de, 32)
>>> v
>>> print("0x%.8x" % v.as_long())

Definition at line 3903 of file z3py.py.

3903  def as_long(self):
3904  """Return a Z3 bit-vector numeral as a Python long (bignum) numeral.
3906  >>> v = BitVecVal(0xbadc0de, 32)
3907  >>> v
3908  195936478
3909  >>> print("0x%.8x" % v.as_long())
3910  0x0badc0de
3911  """
3912  return int(self.as_string())

Referenced by BitVecNumRef.as_signed_long().

◆ as_signed_long()

def as_signed_long (   self)
Return a Z3 bit-vector numeral as a Python long (bignum) numeral.
The most significant bit is assumed to be the sign.

>>> BitVecVal(4, 3).as_signed_long()
>>> BitVecVal(7, 3).as_signed_long()
>>> BitVecVal(3, 3).as_signed_long()
>>> BitVecVal(2**32 - 1, 32).as_signed_long()
>>> BitVecVal(2**64 - 1, 64).as_signed_long()

Definition at line 3914 of file z3py.py.

3914  def as_signed_long(self):
3915  """Return a Z3 bit-vector numeral as a Python long (bignum) numeral.
3916  The most significant bit is assumed to be the sign.
3918  >>> BitVecVal(4, 3).as_signed_long()
3919  -4
3920  >>> BitVecVal(7, 3).as_signed_long()
3921  -1
3922  >>> BitVecVal(3, 3).as_signed_long()
3923  3
3924  >>> BitVecVal(2**32 - 1, 32).as_signed_long()
3925  -1
3926  >>> BitVecVal(2**64 - 1, 64).as_signed_long()
3927  -1
3928  """
3929  sz = self.size()
3930  val = self.as_long()
3931  if val >= 2**(sz - 1):
3932  val = val - 2**sz
3933  if val < -2**(sz - 1):
3934  val = val + 2**sz
3935  return int(val)

◆ as_string()

def as_string (   self)

Definition at line 3937 of file z3py.py.

3937  def as_string(self):
3938  return Z3_get_numeral_string(self.ctx_ref(), self.as_ast())
Z3_string Z3_API Z3_get_numeral_string(Z3_context c, Z3_ast a)
Return numeral value, as a decimal string of a numeric constant term.

Referenced by IntNumRef.as_long(), BitVecNumRef.as_long(), and FiniteDomainNumRef.as_long().