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param_descrs Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 param_descrs (context &c, Z3_param_descrs d)
 param_descrs (param_descrs const &o)
param_descrsoperator= (param_descrs const &o)
 ~param_descrs ()
unsigned size ()
symbol name (unsigned i)
Z3_param_kind kind (symbol const &s)
std::string documentation (symbol const &s)
std::string to_string () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from object
 object (context &c)
contextctx () const
Z3_error_code check_error () const

Static Public Member Functions

static param_descrs simplify_param_descrs (context &c)
static param_descrs global_param_descrs (context &c)

Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 489 of file z3++.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ param_descrs() [1/2]

param_descrs ( context c,
Z3_param_descrs  d 

Definition at line 492 of file z3++.h.

492 : object(c), m_descrs(d) { Z3_param_descrs_inc_ref(c, d); }
object(context &c)
Definition: z3++.h:462
void Z3_API Z3_param_descrs_inc_ref(Z3_context c, Z3_param_descrs p)
Increment the reference counter of the given parameter description set.

Referenced by param_descrs::global_param_descrs(), and param_descrs::simplify_param_descrs().

◆ param_descrs() [2/2]

param_descrs ( param_descrs const &  o)

Definition at line 493 of file z3++.h.

493 : object(o.ctx()), m_descrs(o.m_descrs) { Z3_param_descrs_inc_ref(ctx(), m_descrs); }
context & ctx() const
Definition: z3++.h:463

◆ ~param_descrs()

~param_descrs ( )

Definition at line 501 of file z3++.h.

501 { Z3_param_descrs_dec_ref(ctx(), m_descrs); }
void Z3_API Z3_param_descrs_dec_ref(Z3_context c, Z3_param_descrs p)
Decrement the reference counter of the given parameter description set.

Member Function Documentation

◆ documentation()

std::string documentation ( symbol const &  s)

Definition at line 508 of file z3++.h.

508 { char const* r = Z3_param_descrs_get_documentation(ctx(), m_descrs, s); check_error(); return r; }
Z3_error_code check_error() const
Definition: z3++.h:464
Z3_string Z3_API Z3_param_descrs_get_documentation(Z3_context c, Z3_param_descrs p, Z3_symbol s)
Retrieve documentation string corresponding to parameter name s.

◆ global_param_descrs()

static param_descrs global_param_descrs ( context c)

Definition at line 503 of file z3++.h.

503 { return param_descrs(c, Z3_get_global_param_descrs(c)); }
param_descrs(context &c, Z3_param_descrs d)
Definition: z3++.h:492
Z3_param_descrs Z3_API Z3_get_global_param_descrs(Z3_context c)
Retrieve description of global parameters.

◆ kind()

Z3_param_kind kind ( symbol const &  s)

Definition at line 507 of file z3++.h.

507 { return Z3_param_descrs_get_kind(ctx(), m_descrs, s); }
Z3_param_kind Z3_API Z3_param_descrs_get_kind(Z3_context c, Z3_param_descrs p, Z3_symbol n)
Return the kind associated with the given parameter name n.

Referenced by ArithSortRef::is_int(), and ArithSortRef::is_real().

◆ name()

symbol name ( unsigned  i)

Definition at line 506 of file z3++.h.

506 { return symbol(ctx(), Z3_param_descrs_get_name(ctx(), m_descrs, i)); }
Z3_symbol Z3_API Z3_param_descrs_get_name(Z3_context c, Z3_param_descrs p, unsigned i)
Return the name of the parameter at given index i.

Referenced by Datatype::__deepcopy__(), and Datatype::__repr__().

◆ operator=()

param_descrs& operator= ( param_descrs const &  o)

Definition at line 494 of file z3++.h.

494  {
495  Z3_param_descrs_inc_ref(o.ctx(), o.m_descrs);
496  Z3_param_descrs_dec_ref(ctx(), m_descrs);
497  m_descrs = o.m_descrs;
498  object::operator=(o);
499  return *this;
500  }

◆ simplify_param_descrs()

static param_descrs simplify_param_descrs ( context c)

Definition at line 502 of file z3++.h.

Z3_param_descrs Z3_API Z3_simplify_get_param_descrs(Z3_context c)
Return the parameter description set for the simplify procedure.

◆ size()

unsigned size ( )

Definition at line 505 of file z3++.h.

505 { return Z3_param_descrs_size(ctx(), m_descrs); }
unsigned Z3_API Z3_param_descrs_size(Z3_context c, Z3_param_descrs p)
Return the number of parameters in the given parameter description set.

Referenced by ParamDescrsRef::__len__(), Goal::__len__(), BitVecNumRef::as_signed_long(), and BitVecSortRef::subsort().

◆ to_string()

std::string to_string ( ) const

Definition at line 509 of file z3++.h.

509 { return Z3_param_descrs_to_string(ctx(), m_descrs); }
Z3_string Z3_API Z3_param_descrs_to_string(Z3_context c, Z3_param_descrs p)
Convert a parameter description set into a string. This function is mainly used for printing the cont...

Referenced by z3::operator<<().