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ArithSortRef Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def is_real (self)
def is_int (self)
def subsort (self, other)
def cast (self, val)
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def as_ast (self)
def get_id (self)
def kind (self)
def name (self)
def __eq__ (self, other)
def __ne__ (self, other)
def __hash__ (self)
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def __init__ (self, ast, ctx=None)
def __del__ (self)
def __deepcopy__ (self, memo={})
def __str__ (self)
def __repr__ (self)
def __nonzero__ (self)
def __bool__ (self)
def sexpr (self)
def ctx_ref (self)
def eq (self, other)
def translate (self, target)
def __copy__ (self)
def hash (self)
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def use_pp (self)

Data Fields

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Detailed Description


Real and Integer sorts.

Definition at line 2128 of file z3py.py.

Member Function Documentation

◆ cast()

def cast (   self,
Try to cast `val` as an Integer or Real.

>>> IntSort().cast(10)
>>> is_int(IntSort().cast(10))
>>> is_int(10)
>>> RealSort().cast(10)
>>> is_real(RealSort().cast(10))

Reimplemented from SortRef.

Definition at line 2163 of file z3py.py.

2163  def cast(self, val):
2164  """Try to cast `val` as an Integer or Real.
2166  >>> IntSort().cast(10)
2167  10
2168  >>> is_int(IntSort().cast(10))
2169  True
2170  >>> is_int(10)
2171  False
2172  >>> RealSort().cast(10)
2173  10
2174  >>> is_real(RealSort().cast(10))
2175  True
2176  """
2177  if is_expr(val):
2178  if z3_debug():
2179  _z3_assert(self.ctx == val.ctx, "Context mismatch")
2180  val_s = val.sort()
2181  if self.eq(val_s):
2182  return val
2183  if val_s.is_int() and self.is_real():
2184  return ToReal(val)
2185  if val_s.is_bool() and self.is_int():
2186  return If(val, 1, 0)
2187  if val_s.is_bool() and self.is_real():
2188  return ToReal(If(val, 1, 0))
2189  if z3_debug():
2190  _z3_assert(False, "Z3 Integer/Real expression expected" )
2191  else:
2192  if self.is_int():
2193  return IntVal(val, self.ctx)
2194  if self.is_real():
2195  return RealVal(val, self.ctx)
2196  if z3_debug():
2197  _z3_assert(False, "int, long, float, string (numeral), or Z3 Integer/Real expression expected. Got %s" % self)

◆ is_int()

def is_int (   self)
Return `True` if `self` is of the sort Integer.

>>> x = Int('x')
>>> x.is_int()
>>> (x + 1).is_int()
>>> x = Real('x')
>>> x.is_int()

Definition at line 2145 of file z3py.py.

2145  def is_int(self):
2146  """Return `True` if `self` is of the sort Integer.
2148  >>> x = Int('x')
2149  >>> x.is_int()
2150  True
2151  >>> (x + 1).is_int()
2152  True
2153  >>> x = Real('x')
2154  >>> x.is_int()
2155  False
2156  """
2157  return self.kind() == Z3_INT_SORT

Referenced by IntNumRef.as_long(), and ArithSortRef.subsort().

◆ is_real()

def is_real (   self)
Return `True` if `self` is of the sort Real.

>>> x = Real('x')
>>> x.is_real()
>>> (x + 1).is_real()
>>> x = Int('x')
>>> x.is_real()

Definition at line 2131 of file z3py.py.

2131  def is_real(self):
2132  """Return `True` if `self` is of the sort Real.
2134  >>> x = Real('x')
2135  >>> x.is_real()
2136  True
2137  >>> (x + 1).is_real()
2138  True
2139  >>> x = Int('x')
2140  >>> x.is_real()
2141  False
2142  """
2143  return self.kind() == Z3_REAL_SORT

◆ subsort()

def subsort (   self,
Return `True` if `self` is a subsort of `other`.

Reimplemented from SortRef.

Definition at line 2159 of file z3py.py.

2159  def subsort(self, other):
2160  """Return `True` if `self` is a subsort of `other`."""
2161  return self.is_int() and is_arith_sort(other) and other.is_real()

Field Documentation

◆ ctx


Definition at line 2179 of file z3py.py.

Referenced by Probe.__call__(), AstMap.__contains__(), Goal.__copy__(), AstVector.__copy__(), FuncInterp.__copy__(), ModelRef.__copy__(), Solver.__copy__(), Datatype.__deepcopy__(), ParamsRef.__deepcopy__(), ParamDescrsRef.__deepcopy__(), Goal.__deepcopy__(), AstVector.__deepcopy__(), AstMap.__deepcopy__(), FuncEntry.__deepcopy__(), FuncInterp.__deepcopy__(), ModelRef.__deepcopy__(), Statistics.__deepcopy__(), Solver.__deepcopy__(), Fixedpoint.__deepcopy__(), Optimize.__deepcopy__(), ApplyResult.__deepcopy__(), Tactic.__deepcopy__(), Probe.__deepcopy__(), ScopedConstructor.__del__(), ScopedConstructorList.__del__(), ParamsRef.__del__(), ParamDescrsRef.__del__(), Goal.__del__(), AstVector.__del__(), AstMap.__del__(), FuncEntry.__del__(), FuncInterp.__del__(), ModelRef.__del__(), Statistics.__del__(), Solver.__del__(), Fixedpoint.__del__(), Optimize.__del__(), ApplyResult.__del__(), Tactic.__del__(), Probe.__del__(), Probe.__eq__(), Probe.__ge__(), AstVector.__getitem__(), AstMap.__getitem__(), ModelRef.__getitem__(), Statistics.__getitem__(), ApplyResult.__getitem__(), Probe.__gt__(), Probe.__le__(), AstVector.__len__(), AstMap.__len__(), ModelRef.__len__(), Statistics.__len__(), ApplyResult.__len__(), Probe.__lt__(), Probe.__ne__(), ParamsRef.__repr__(), ParamDescrsRef.__repr__(), AstMap.__repr__(), Statistics.__repr__(), AstVector.__setitem__(), AstMap.__setitem__(), Fixedpoint.add_cover(), Fixedpoint.add_rule(), Optimize.add_soft(), Tactic.apply(), FuncEntry.arg_value(), FuncInterp.arity(), Goal.as_expr(), ApplyResult.as_expr(), Solver.assert_and_track(), Optimize.assert_and_track(), Goal.assert_exprs(), Solver.assert_exprs(), Fixedpoint.assert_exprs(), Optimize.assert_exprs(), Solver.assertions(), Optimize.assertions(), Solver.check(), Optimize.check(), UserPropagateBase.conflict(), Solver.consequences(), Goal.convert_model(), UserPropagateBase.ctx_ref(), ModelRef.decls(), Goal.depth(), Goal.dimacs(), Solver.dimacs(), FuncInterp.else_value(), FuncInterp.entry(), AstMap.erase(), ModelRef.eval(), Solver.from_file(), Optimize.from_file(), Solver.from_string(), Optimize.from_string(), Goal.get(), Fixedpoint.get_answer(), Fixedpoint.get_assertions(), Fixedpoint.get_cover_delta(), ParamDescrsRef.get_documentation(), Fixedpoint.get_ground_sat_answer(), ModelRef.get_interp(), Statistics.get_key_value(), ParamDescrsRef.get_kind(), ParamDescrsRef.get_name(), Fixedpoint.get_num_levels(), Fixedpoint.get_rule_names_along_trace(), Fixedpoint.get_rules(), Fixedpoint.get_rules_along_trace(), ModelRef.get_sort(), ModelRef.get_universe(), Solver.help(), Fixedpoint.help(), Optimize.help(), Tactic.help(), Solver.import_model_converter(), Goal.inconsistent(), AstMap.keys(), Statistics.keys(), Optimize.maximize(), Optimize.minimize(), Solver.model(), Optimize.model(), Solver.non_units(), FuncEntry.num_args(), FuncInterp.num_entries(), Solver.num_scopes(), ModelRef.num_sorts(), Optimize.objectives(), Solver.param_descrs(), Fixedpoint.param_descrs(), Optimize.param_descrs(), Tactic.param_descrs(), Fixedpoint.parse_file(), Fixedpoint.parse_string(), Solver.pop(), Optimize.pop(), Goal.prec(), Solver.proof(), AstVector.push(), Solver.push(), Optimize.push(), Fixedpoint.query(), Fixedpoint.query_from_lvl(), Solver.reason_unknown(), Fixedpoint.reason_unknown(), Optimize.reason_unknown(), Fixedpoint.register_relation(), AstMap.reset(), Solver.reset(), AstVector.resize(), ParamsRef.set(), Solver.set(), Fixedpoint.set(), Optimize.set(), Fixedpoint.set_predicate_representation(), Goal.sexpr(), AstVector.sexpr(), ModelRef.sexpr(), Solver.sexpr(), Fixedpoint.sexpr(), Optimize.sexpr(), ApplyResult.sexpr(), ParamDescrsRef.size(), Goal.size(), Tactic.solver(), Solver.statistics(), Fixedpoint.statistics(), Optimize.statistics(), Solver.to_smt2(), Fixedpoint.to_string(), Solver.trail(), Solver.trail_levels(), Goal.translate(), AstVector.translate(), FuncInterp.translate(), ModelRef.translate(), Solver.translate(), Solver.units(), Solver.unsat_core(), Optimize.unsat_core(), Fixedpoint.update_rule(), ParamsRef.validate(), and FuncEntry.value().

def IntVal(val, ctx=None)
Definition: z3py.py:2989
def is_arith_sort(s)
Definition: z3py.py:2199
def RealVal(val, ctx=None)
Definition: z3py.py:3000
def If(a, b, c, ctx=None)
Definition: z3py.py:1268
def is_real(a)
Definition: z3py.py:2536
def ToReal(a)
Definition: z3py.py:3147
def is_int(a)
Definition: z3py.py:2518
def z3_debug()
Definition: z3py.py:56
def is_expr(a)
Definition: z3py.py:1135