Recent Trends in SMT and Z3

An interactive taste of SMT with Z3

Nikolaj Bjørner
Microsoft Research



  1. SMT and Z3

  2. Theories

  3. Programming Solvers with an application to MaxSAT


  • A state-of-art Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) solver

  • On GitHub:
    • MIT open source license
    • Developments: Scalable simplex solver, Strings, Horn clauses, floating points, SAT extensions

Some Z3 Applications

  • Program Verification
    • VCC, Everest, Dafny, Havoc, Leon

  • Symbolic Execution
    • SAGE, Pex, KLEE

  • Software Model Checking
    • Static Driver Verifier, Smash, SeaHorn

  • Configurations
    • Network Verification with SecGuru
    • Dynamics Product Configuration

Microsoft Tools using Z3


SAT/SMT examples

Basic SAT

  Tie, Shirt = Bools('Tie Shirt')
  s = Solver()
  s.add(Or(Tie, Shirt), Or(Not(Tie), Shirt), Or(Not(Tie), Not(Shirt)))
  print s.check()
  print s.model()

Basic SMT

I = IntSort()
f = Function('f', I, I)
x, y, z = Ints('x y z')
A = Array('A',I,I)

fml = Implies(x + 2 == y, f(Select(Store(A, x, 3), y - 2)) == f(y - x + 1))

s = Solver()
print s.check()

Logical Queries - SAT+

$\hspace{2cm}$ sat $\hspace{1.3cm}$ $\varphi$ $\hspace{1.3cm}$ unsat

$\hspace{1.6cm}$ model $\hspace{1.3cm}$ $\varphi$ $\hspace{1.3cm}$ (clausal) proof

$\hspace{0.6cm}$ correction set $\hspace{0.3cm}$ $\subseteq \varphi_1, \ldots, \varphi_n \supseteq $ $\hspace{0.2cm}$ core

local min correction set $\hspace{0.05cm}$ $ \subseteq \varphi_1, \ldots, \varphi_n \supseteq$ $\hspace{0.2cm}$ local min core

min correction set $\hspace{0.35cm}$ $ \subseteq \varphi_1, \ldots, \varphi_n \supseteq$ $\hspace{0.2cm}$ min core

$\hspace{3.2cm}$ $\max x \varphi(x)$

Logical Queries

\[\begin{mdmathpre}%mdk \mathrm{Satisfiability}~~~&~\varphi \rightsquigarrow \mathid{sat},~\mathid{unsat},~\mathid{timeout}~\smallskip \\ \mathrm{Certificates}~~~~~&~\varphi \rightsquigarrow \mathid{model},~\mathid{proof},~\mathid{unsat}~\mathid{core}~\smallskip\\ \mathrm{Interpolation}~~~~&~\varphi[\mathid{x},\mathid{y}]~\rightarrow \mathid{I}[\mathid{x}]~\rightarrow \psi[\mathid{x},\mathid{z}]~\smallskip\\ \mathrm{Optimization}~~~~~&~\max \mathid{x}~\mid \varphi \smallskip \\ \mathrm{Consequences}~~~~~&~\varphi \rightarrow \varphi_1~\wedge \ldots \wedge \varphi_\mathid{n}\smallskip\\ \mathrm{Sat\ subsets}~~~~~&~\psi_1~\wedge \psi_2,\ \psi_1~\wedge \psi_3\smallskip\\ \mathrm{Unsat\ cores}~~~~~&~\neg(\psi_1~\wedge \psi_2),\ \neg(\psi_1~\wedge \psi_3)\medskip\\ \mathrm{Model\ counting}~~&~|\{~\mathid{x}~\mid \varphi\}|~\medskip\\ \mathrm{All\ models}~~~~~~&~\mathid{Ideal}(\varphi),~\mathid{M}_1~\models \varphi,~\mathid{M}_2~\models \varphi,~\ldots \medskip\\ \mathrm{Model\ probability}~&~\ldots \end{mdmathpre}%mdk \]

Section 2

Theory Solvers

Equality and Uninterpreted functions


  (declare-sort A)
  (declare-fun f (A) A)
  (declare-const x A)
  (assert (= (f (f x)) x))
  (assert (= (f (f (f x))) x))
  (assert (not (= (f x) x)))

A linear arithmetic conjecture


A linear arithmetic conjecture in SMT

(declare-const xR Real)
(declare-const yR Real)
(declare-const x Int)
(declare-const y Int)
(declare-const a Int)

(assert (< (+ xR yR) a))
(assert (> (+ x y) a))
(assert (or (= x xR) (< x xR (+ x 1)) (< (- x 1) xR x)))
(assert (or (= y yR) (< y yR (+ y 1)) (< (- y 1) yR y)))

A linear arithmetic conjecture online

A revised conjecture


A revised conjecture online

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